Geco Coated Competition Slug (25st)

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Practical shotgun shooters will highly welcome the most important innovation in the new GECO Coated Competition Slug: the fact that it is coated. Apart from this, the powder charge, velocity and projectile weight are optimally adjusted to the IPSC shooting with a shotgun.

Construction Coated Competition Slug 

  1. Nearly no lead deposits in the barrel thanks to the PTFE (Teflon) coated slug. Consequently minimal air contamination by lead vapours.
  2. Highly precise slug weighing a mere 26g in total (incl. tail).
  3. Short transparent case for more capacity in tubular magazines.
  4. Well dosed powder charge, which ensures safe functioning in automatic weapons on the one hand while causing little recoil on the other.
  5. The high velocity of 450 m/s (V 2.5) makes leading on moving targets unnecessary.
  6. Reliable Sinoxid primer.